Moonstone Pendant: Ethereal Harmony

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Embrace the ethereal energy of Moonstone, a stone deeply connected to lunar energies. It's revered for its ability to enhance intuition, promote emotional balance, and invite calmness into one's life.

Connect with your spiritual essence through Moonstone, a stone associated with the divine feminine and the cycles of the moon. It encourages spiritual growth, intuition, and emotional healing.

Experience gentle healing and support for your physical body with Moonstone. It's associated with hormonal balance, aiding in relieving menstrual discomfort, and promoting overall well-being.

Find emotional serenity and empathy with Moonstone. Its soothing energy helps in releasing emotional tension, fostering inner peace, and encouraging a deeper connection to oneself and others.

Enhance mental clarity and intuition with Moonstone's calming influence. It aids in soothing an overactive mind, fostering creativity, and encouraging a deeper understanding of one's emotions.

Adorn yourself with this Moonstone pendant and invite its serene, intuitive, and balancing energies into your life. Each piece embodies the mystical allure of Moonstone, offering both elegance and a connection to the gentle power of lunar energies.



.: Size of crystal 10mm
.: Pendant made of  combination of crystal and sterling silver 
.: Length of pendant: 2cm
.: Chain not included