Carnelian Pendant: Vitality's Fire

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Embrace the fiery energy of Carnelian, a stone that ignites passion and vitality. It's revered for its ability to stimulate motivation, creativity, and ambition, infusing life with renewed energy.

Connect deeply with your spiritual self through Carnelian, a stone associated with the sacral chakra. It encourages courage, inner strength, and enhances spiritual receptiveness.

Experience a surge of energy and vitality with Carnelian, believed to support physical health. It's associated with boosting circulation, aiding in reproductive health, and promoting overall physical vitality.

Find emotional warmth and courage with Carnelian. Its stabilizing energy aids in dispelling fear, promoting confidence, and fostering a sense of emotional well-being.

Enhance mental focus and creativity with Carnelian's invigorating influence. It aids in clear thinking, stimulates inspiration, and encourages innovative solutions to challenges.

Adorn yourself with this Carnelian pendant and invite its vitalizing, courageous, and creative energies into your life. Each piece embodies the fiery beauty and passionate energy of Carnelian, offering both boldness and a connection to inner strength and creativity.


.: Size of crystal 10mm
.: Pendant made of  combination of crystal and sterling silver 
.: Length of pendant: 2cm
.: Chain not included