The Art of Living a Life Aligned with Purpose

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In life, paths often diverge, leading old friends to walk separate ways. Yet, destiny sometimes has a way of bringing those connections back together, reigniting the flames of friendship and inspiring new collaborations. This is the story of Paola and me, childhood friends whose lives took different trajectories but found their way back to each other through art and a shared sense of purpose.

Paola and I were friends since our early school days, sharing fond memories and experiences together. However, as we grew older, life pulled us in different directions. While I pursued a career in engineering and the oil industry, Paola dedicated herself to exploring her artistic talents and passion.

Years passed, and our lives evolved independently until fate intervened, bringing us back together through the virtual world of social media. As a life purpose coach, I began to recognize the significance of reconnecting with Paola. Through her artworks, she had always been connected to her true essence and purpose, even during our childhood days.

When our paths crossed again, I was shaping the concept of Dharmanic Boutique, a platform aimed at promoting purpose-driven creations. Seeing Paola's art on social media struck a chord with me. I remembered how her innate artistic gifts adorned school notebooks with sophistication and harmony, and I knew I had to find a way to incorporate her creations into my venture.

Reaching out to Paola, I extended an invitation for her to collaborate with me on the Dharmanic Boutique. Together, we designed the captivating Paola Mendivil Sanchez Collection, featuring reproductions of her mesmerizing collages. The result surpassed all expectations, blending her artistic flair with my passion for purpose-driven endeavors.


Designed to be an Artist

Upon analyzing her Human Design chart, the first aspect that immediately captured my attention was her Incarnation Cross, known as the Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love. This cross is composed of four doors, each intricately connected to the seat of the soul, representing Love of Spirit, Love of Oneself, Love of the Body, and Love of Humanity.

Moreover, her chart revealed an open Solar Plexus Center, renowned for its profound creativity fueled by emotions and desires. Open centers like this draw in and amplify energies from the environment, specifically the emotions and desires of others. When operating at a higher state of consciousness, these energies are guided by the Divine Consciousness.

With a Defined Sacral Center, she possesses an abundant source of vital energy, empowering her to give life to her creative endeavors. Additionally, the Hanging Door 59 of Intimacy enables her to establish profound connections with others on a soul-to-soul level.

Finally, the presence of the Defined Channel 5/15 of the Rhythm grants her the ability to embrace her unique rhythm of creation, independent of external influences. This allows her to find her authentic creative flow, harmoniously expressing her inner essence.

As a life purpose coach who uses Human Design as part of her toolbox, I've had the privilege of gaining profound insights into the intricacies of life purpose and soul alignment. 


Interview to the Mexican Artist Paola Mendívil Sánchez

Although I've always had an appreciation for art, my perception of its significance for humanity's evolution recently underwent a profound transformation. Before, I failed to grasp its true purpose and impact, but now I see that art plays a crucial role in shaping consciousness and human development (for more insights, refer to "The Profound Role of Art in Humanity's Evolution").

In contrast, Paola seemed to possess an innate, intuitive understanding that her life's purpose was intricately connected to artistic expression, and she remained steadfast in staying true to it. Despite societal pressures and expectations, she chose to embrace her authentic self, even if it meant navigating difficulties along the way, all in pursuit of fulfilling her soul's mission and guidance.

The essence of one's life purpose lies in the alignment of our passions, gifts, and talents, with a harmonious state of heart, mind, and soul. It calls for living from the consciousness of the soul rather than being driven by ego-based needs. Although the ego and its fears may persist, they can be managed through continuous inner work and self-awareness, allowing one to progress on the path of purpose.

It's common for many individuals to begin discovering their purpose in their late thirties or early forties, typically after they've built enough self-confidence and attained stability on emotional and financial fronts.

During my conversation with Paola, she shared her perspective on this journey:


1.- Could you provide us with some insights into your artistic journey? 

My career has been a bit diverse. Since I was a child, I loved to create and that led me to explore different languages, such as design, cinema, painting, drawing and recently collage.

What I'm most passionate about is the creative process, so I keep exploring it by learning new techniques. But I believe that I still have a long way to go.

I consider that my work is quite versatile depending on the technique I use, the moment in which I find myself, my interests. My work is distinguished by the exploration of the abstract, figurative and geometric.

2.- How do you get inspiration? 

I believe that inspiration is built, it's not something that appears out of nowhere.
Observation and constant work make you find a dialogue, a point of connection, where you don't think; you simply flow through the medium in which you are creating at that moment.

3.-What has been the most difficult part of your journey as an artist?

To remain firm despite complicated situations, learning to put myself out there, learning to overcome my fears and insecurities, overcoming financial difficulties.  Adapting to a society in which your work is not deemed worthy if you are not famous. To trust in myself.

4.- Why has it been worthwhile to stay aligned with your essence despite all the challenges? 

I don't really know if I live aligned to my essence. I try and work hard on a personal level to staying aligned.

It has been worthwhile because it has taught me to observe, to question myself, to be free, to express my emotions, to enjoy my passions, and to do what I like... but above all to discover who I am.

5.- What would you recommend to parents who have artistic children? How can they support them? 

That they do not impose their fears on their children, to be patient and supportive with their children by enrolling them in workshops, visiting museums and exhibitions, encouraging them to create with what they have available, and helping them to trust themselves. Also, that they do not criticize them and that they learn about the different languages that exist.

Art is an activity where the mind, the emotional and the spiritual go hand in hand and the one who is an artist will always be one.

6. What would be your recommendation to the purpose driven individuals who want to live aligned with their essence and purpose and are starting their journeys? 

To listen to their inner self, trust their intuition, take moments for themselves, connect with nature, accept who they really are, don't judge themselves, get out of their comfort zone, self-love, listening to music, dancing... Above all, trust in yourself and in the Universe.
If you connected with Paola and her work, you can connect with her through her Instagram account: @_olaloola_

The Art of Building a Life of Purpose

Building a life of purpose is truly an art and a lifelong journey, not a destination. Life purpose evolves as we follow our soul’s plan and find meaning in whatever we do. Living a life of purpose means letting our soul consciousness guide us every day, becoming the best version of ourselves, living with heart-mind-soul coherence, aligning with our core values, offering our gifts and talents, contributing to the world, pursuing our passions, and expressing our full potential. It also means surrendering to the process with trust and detachment, and also finding fulfillment and meaning. It is about integrating Heaven and Earth, the supernatural with the natural.

If you find yourself at a point in life where you sense a calling to align with your life purpose, I invite you to explore the pages of my book "Thriving Through Purpose" (available in Amazon Kindle as well). 

Always remember that you have a unique purpose. Be brave. Be yourself. Not who others expect you to be, even if they think they know better than the Divine Source or your own soul. The world needs you to be you, and for you to take your place in the overall plan.

If you're interested in discovering more about your own Human Design and how it relates to your path of purpose, take a look at the "Living by Design" report or reach out to me for a reading through the contact form of the store or by sending me a message to Your unique journey awaits!


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